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Then post a picture of your board (with our brand sticker) on instagram or facebook using the following hashtag:  #verticafins We will randomly choose the winner of a FREE Set of Fins! And just by POSTING you'll receive a 10% discount on your next purchase.  CLICK BELOW TO BUY OUR STICKER: Vertica 6"x 6" Round Sticker (Black or White)

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Improving your swim strokes means catching more and better waves. Paddle power is not a technique; rather it is the result of a quality fitness workout.

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Surfing Etiquette is the most important thing to learn before you set foot in the surf. These rules are not so much “rules” as they are a proper code of conduct designed to keep everyone in the water safe and happy. People who repeatedly break these rules are often given the stink-eye, a stern talking to, yelled at with obscenities, or just flat out beat up. Don’t worry, if you accidentally drop in on someone they aren’t going to beat you up. However, there are rules of the road out there and this is the real world. If you’re constantly...

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