How to Choose the Right Fin

How do you surf? Powerful surfers often use larger fins, which provide more drive and speed, and hold better during turns. However, if you aren’t a strong enough surfer, these kinds of fins will make the board too stiff and it will become harder to turn fluidly. On the other end of the spectrum, a fin that’s too small for you won’t provide enough drive, speed and hold. Without these, it becomes harder to do turns. This why at Vertica we focus in Medium/Large to Large sizes.

Your Board

All surfboards are different. Some fins, therefore, will work with some, and not with others. Here are some hints:

  • Boards with more concave and boards with wider tails (eg. swallow tail) tend to work best with fins that have a greater surface area, and more depth and/or sweep.
    We recommend: The ORANGE Model and The BLUE Model

  • Boards with less concave (ie. single concave) and boards with narrower tails (eg. round tail) tend to work best with a fins that have a reduced surface area, and less depth and/or sweep.
    We recommend: The YELLOW Model

Type of Waves

  • For long point breaks, you tend to want longer turns with a wider, less tight arch. For this you want fins with more sweep.
    We recommend: The ORANGE Model and The BLUE Model

  • For faster, more hollow waves (think of that magical/dream day when you rock up to your local beach to find perfect sandbars and barrels… or just that day when it’s a little more powerful), you want the opposite. You want fins with less sweep and a wider base, which will make your turning arch tighter and more pivotal.
    We recommend: The YELLOW Model

Fins with more depth have more hold, less depth are looser. Fins with wider base have more drive. Upright fins are easier to turn (more pivot), but more sweep or rake gives you more control for longer arcs.
Of course, sometimes point breaks are faster and more powerful, and sometimes beach breaks are fatter and weaker- these are only guidelines. At the end of the day, the only way to really figure out what kind of fin suits you is to experiment as much as you can, though if you follow this guide you’ll be well on the way to getting it right. 

V-Tek Performance Fins - Resin Transfer Moulding + Carbon Tech. Carbon at the base for stability and drive. Uni-directional carbon strips vertically placed across the front half redirects flex to the tip, giving the fin a snappy torsional twist.The V-tek, hydrodynamic inside to flat foil, has the capability to increase speed and drive which reduces drag, while the traditional flat foil on the tip offers good control of speed resulting in a quicker release in each turn.
Our Inside to Flat foil increases the efficiency of water flow over the surface of the fin adding lift and reducing drag. The result is a fin that gives the rider more options through increased hold and speed.



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